19 Things You'll Understand If You Have A Shit Tattoo

    Maybe I didn't think this through properly.

    1. The tattoo was probably something you really liked at the time.

    2. Or it was a tattoo trend that you thought was pretty cool.

    3. Either way, you definitely thought you'd like it forever.

    4. But now there's just a whole heap of regret.

    5. You might still really like the idea of the tattoo; it just didn't come out the way you wanted it to.

    6. The tattoo is probably really faded.

    7. Your tattoo might be so shit that you've questioned whether the tattooist was actually in any way qualified to have drawn permanently on your skin.

    8. You maybe knew you wouldn't like it as soon as you saw the template but you got too scared to say something to the tattooist.

    9. The tattoo might be something you got while slightly tipsy on holiday.

    10. Or it might even be the name of an ex.

    11. The only reason you still have the tattoo is because laser sessions are too expensive and you can't afford to get it covered up or corrected either.

    12. You get embarrassed when people ask to see it.

    13. If you're lucky, the tattoo is somewhere people can't see it.

    14. But you're pretty fucked if it's somewhere visible.

    15. And you're even more fucked if it's literally a big mistake.

    16. The people who told you not to get a tattoo are smug as hell.

    17. Although the tattoo is shit, you kind of have a soft spot for it.

    18. And nobody else is allowed to call it shit except you.

    19. But let's be honest, the shit tattoo hasn't stopped you from wanting more.