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    9 Tips You Should Know Before Having Anal Sex For The First Time

    Time to unlock the back door.

    No more rear fear.

    Anal sex is often a thing people can be nervous about if they haven't done it before. There are certain things you already know if you're something of a pro, but what about if you're completely new at all this butt stuff? BuzzFeed UK spoke to Dr Seán Cassidy, a doctor working in sexual health, and Tracey Cox, a sex expert, to help put together a guide so everything runs smoothly.

    1. The Solo Anal Expedition

    2. Know your shit (excuse the pun).

    3. Be aware of what you're eating.

    4. You wouldn't serve dinner on a dirty plate...

    5. Lube, glorious lube.

    6. Don't go in dick-first.

    7. Dick, meet butt.


    9. Anal sex is fun, so enjoy it!