No, Beyoncé Didn't Change Her Nails In The Middle Of Her Coachella Performance But Yes, She's Still A Queen

    Sorry guys, but we've cracked the case.

    I don't need to tell you facts, but I'm going to anyway – Beyoncé is the greatest living performer and goddamn she proved it this weekend at Coachella.

    But after her performance, people noticed a tiny detail that had everybody shook – Beyoncé not only changed costumes, she also changed her goddamn nail colour mid-performance!

    Beyoncé changing her nail polish during her Coachella set is the level of extra we all need to achieve.

    If the fact that Beyoncé managed to change nail polish between costume changes at Coachella doesn’t explain how epic she is I dunno..

    After screaming "HOW!?!?!" at my laptop screen for 10 minutes, I decided to get my investigative hat on and do some digging.

    The first place to start was the performance so I took great pleasure in watching that again. Indeed, she started with black nails.

    But at the point when I thought she was meant to have silver nails, they were still black. This is the final outfit she wore, and according to the tweets she changed to silver nails way earlier.

    So I searched Getty Images for shots of the performance to figure out where the nail change happened, but that didn't offer any help as the only professional pictures were taken in the very beginning.

    That's when I realised that every other professional photo I'd seen of the performance came from Beyoncé's website. And then the realisations started to come quick and fast. It was a 10 second rollercoaster of ~realising things~.

    Although the pictures on the website look like they come from the performance, they actually come from what looks like a dress rehearsal.

    And the pictures that Beyoncé uploaded to Instagram also seem to come from this rehearsal. Some of them were even posted before the performance started.

    In the rehearsals, her nails were glittery and silver. Look at them in this shot with Jay Z.

    But if you look at the same moment during the actual performance, you can clearly see her nails are black.

    And after watching the whole thing again, I can confirm that they stayed black from start to finish.

    So I guess that's the case of the mystery nails solved. No, she didn't change her nail colour mid-performance, she just had different coloured nails for her dress rehearsal.

    Now I can stop screaming "HOW!?????" at my laptop screen and just watch the performance in peace, and that's exactly what I'll be doing for the next couple of hours. BYE!