Miley Cyrus Made A Joke About The Election Debate Fly After She Ran Off Set Screaming In The Middle Of An Interview

    It turns out that Miley does not wish that there were a fly on the wall.

    Miley Cyrus might be a huge fan of animals, but bugs and flying insects are where she draws the line!

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    During a recent chat with the River radio station, a fly tried to steal the limelight for the second time in a week, interrupting Miley's interview and sending the star screaming off-camera.

    The "Midnight Sky" singer was in the middle of press for her latest single and upcoming album, as well as discussing the importance of voting and giving more details on her MTV Unplugged project.

    "It's pretty much written and ready to go," Miley said of her new album before the interruption. "I actually listened to a bunch of it in my car today and everything is sounding so wicked."

    But while discussing the influences behind the album — which includes Dolly Parton and Stevie Nicks — the fly decided it had heard enough.

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    "I can't do this. I have to go," Miley said off-camera. "Hold on, there was an emergency! A shemergency."

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    Meanwhile the interviewer is just like...what is happening?

    The River / Via

    "There was a fly that was trying to steal my thunder," Miley explained when she finally returned to her seat, joking that it was the same bug "that's on the cover of Time magazine" after it made a cameo during the recent election debate.

    Miley freaked out during her interview today over learning there was a huge bug flying around her 😂 “I can’t do this” 🥺 She is too cute!

    "This fly got a little taste for attention last night and is a total addict," Miley went on. "This is what fame does to human beings. You gotta have more and more and more."

    With the fly out of the way, Miley wrapped up her interview, even revealing that she was "definitely" planning a Hannah Montana revival in the future.


    When asked by the interviewer if we could expect some Hannah Montana content in the future, Miley teasingly said: "At some point, I'm definitely getting the wig out of storage."

    Anyway, I'm off to stream iconic bop "Fly on the Wall," but you can watch Miley's full interview with the River right here.

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