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    Megan Fox Just Got Real About What It's Like To Work As An Actor In Hollywood

    "As long as you survive filming, they don't really care if you drop dead afterwards."

    Megan Fox has been an actress for 17 years, and so if anybody knows what it's really like to work in Hollywood, it's her.

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    So when an interviewer said a lot of people think of Hollywood as "all glamour", she shut that down immediately.

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    Talking to E! News, Megan said: "You're a commodity. You're something that the studio owns, and so really, as long as you survive filming and they've gotten what they needed from you, they don't really care if you drop dead afterwards."

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    Discussing being sick while filming, Megan then said that "as long as you're not bleeding from your face, you're gonna keep working."

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    She finished by saying that Hollywood is "morally bankrupt".

    "There's no regard for your physical safety or wellbeing at all because it doesn't matter, you're a means to an end. They need what they need from you, and then goodbye."

    You can see the interview in full here.

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