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Lady Gaga Had The Most Awkward Jimmy Fallon Interview Ever And She Just Explained What Happened

As well as apologising for an awkward interview that took place last week, Gaga revealed more about what she's doing to help coronavirus relief efforts.

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Lady Gaga hilariously apologised to Jimmy Fallon last night after an interview between the pair got SUPER awkward.

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In case you missed it, last week Lady Gaga hopped on a video call with Jimmy to make a big announcement. It was all mysterious and exciting...until it wasn't.

Lady Gaga calls into Jimmy Fallon: At Home Edition planning to make a “giant announcement,” but reschedules the call for Monday, April 6.

"I can't, Jimmy. I can't talk right now," Gaga said to a clearly baffled Fallon. "I'm really sorry. It's just a really weird time."


Things got even more awkward when Gaga didn't seem to realise she was on TV and being filmed.


When Jimmy asked if he should call her back in 10 minutes, Gaga countered and asked if he could call back on Friday. Jimmy awkwardly pointed out that it was Wednesday.

"Friday's great. I can do Friday," Gaga said after asking someone offscreen if she was free on that day. The whole time, Jimmy just sat there like, "lol what is happening?"


THEN, when you thought things couldn't get any funnier/more awkward, Jimmy turned his phone around to reveal that Gaga now had her glasses on upside down.


Finally, the pair settled on doing the interview on Monday, which brings us to today. Hurrah!

Lady Gaga calls into Jimmy Fallon: At Home Edition planning to make a “giant announcement,” but reschedules the call for Monday, April 6.

"I'm so sorry," Gaga said when Jimmy caught up with her again. "We weren't quite ready yet. I really appreciate you being so nice about it. Thank you. I love you. I love your viewers and everyone at home watching. I just wish everybody well."


Anyway, it appears the big announcement was well worth the wait: Lady Gaga will launch a TV special, One World: Together At Home, to help celebrate and support health care workers during the coronavirus outbreak.

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Gaga elaborated that the special will include artists, such as Billie Eilish and John Legend, as well as athletes, including David Beckham. She also clarified that the event will not be a fundraiser; they will have raised money ahead of time. So far, more than $35 million has been donated.

Not content with stopping there, Gaga then FaceTimed Apple CEO Tim Cook to lock in a "sizeable" donation, which was later revealed to be $10 million. All in a day's work!


Gaga herself has been working hard over the last couple of weeks to help COVID-19 relief efforts, revealing she was actually quarantined in her office with a small team so they could continue to work.

She also spoke out about the message that we're "all in this together". While "the sentiment is nice", she said, it ignores the inequality and privilege that some people have.

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Gaga explained: "I think that the fight that I'm in or that you're in is very different than the fight of a woman that is in perhaps an abusive relationship, and has a child, and lost her job, and can't feed her kid, and can't feed herself, and also can't get the help that she needs because she's in a violent situation."

"I've been really focusing a lot of my energy on figuring out how I can help," she continued. "We all want this to end — but being in this all together, that's a tricky statement."


Gaga added: "I wanna honour that that woman is not in the same fight that I'm in, and I wanna help her fight that fight."

You can watch Lady Gaga's full interview with Jimmy Fallon here, and don't forget to check out the latest coronavirus coverage from BuzzFeed News.

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