If You've Ever Wanted To Feel Poor, Just Listen To Kris Jenner Reacting To Kylie Selling Kylie Cosmetics For $600 Million

    $600,000,000? Just another day in the world of a Kardashian/Jenner.

    In case you missed the latest Kardashian news, Kylie Jenner has just sold a majority share of her beauty brand Kylie Cosmetics, pocketing an eye-watering $600 million.

    $600,000,000 is too many zeroes for me and my bank account to even comprehend.


    The news was announced on Tuesday, revealing that Kylie had sold 51% of Kylie Cosmetics to beauty conglomerate Coty, Inc., whose other brands include Balenciaga, Gucci, and Adidas.

    Kylie reacted to the news with a pretty simple and expected tweet. If you read between the lines though, it actually says: "I'm so happy to have banked $600,000,000."

    I can’t wait for all of the amazing things to come for @kylieskin and @kyliecosmetics! I’m excited to partner with @cotyinc to continue to expand my brands globally.. This is only the beginning!

    Kris Jenner also reacted to the news in a recent interview and obviously she's incredibly excited about the whole thing too.


    "Yesterday was a really big day for Kylie and our team at Kylie Cosmetics, and truly a moment for our family to be proud," Kris said on the Squawk podcast. "It’s kind of a crystallisation of all of our work but also a moment to just look forward and be really excited about the future."

    Speaking about the future of Kylie Cosmetics, Kris said the aim was to build the empire into a "global powerhouse brand", which was a vision they shared with Coty.

    Angela Weiss / Getty Images

    "I think the goal is to just keep building Kylie’s existing beauty business into a global powerhouse brand — that’s the vision," Kris revealed. "We decided to partner with Coty because they share the same vision that we do in building this into a huge thing."

    Kris added that Kylie hasn't even "scratched the surface" when it comes to expanding her brand, revealing that there are a ton of categories the 22-year-old wants to move into.

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    Adorably though, Kris said that Kylie is obsessed with her brand and wants to pass it down to daughter Stormi when she's older.

    When asked if she pocketed 10% from Kylie's $600,000,000 payday, Kris laughed and said "I've told you that before" which...well, it isn't a no is it?


    Just so we're on the same page here, 10% would earn Kris a casual $60,000,000. Honestly, this is a fantastic reason to have kids if you ask me.

    Kris Jenner right now somewhere in Calabassas.


    Anyway, you can listen to Kris speaking on the Squawk podcast for yourself here.


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