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    People Have A Lot Of Questions After Kris Jenner Wore Sunglasses At The People's Choice Awards

    First and foremost β€” why?!

    In case you didn't know, last night marked the People's Choice Awards and stars such as the Kardashian-Jenners walked the red carpet.

    Todd Williamson / Getty Images

    The KarJens were almost all in attendance, sans Kylie, who probably saw Kim's dress and got lightheaded just looking at it. I mean, you can't blame her really.

    Christopher Polk / Getty Images

    But if you look closely in all of the pictures from the event, there's something else that you might notice β€” Kris Jenner didn't appear to take off her sunglasses all damn night.

    Todd Williamson / Getty Images

    And even though the ceremony went down in the evening and they spent the majority of the time indoors, the glasses stayed firmly in place.

    Christopher Polk / Getty Images

    The shades even stayed on when the family went up to collect their award for Reality Show of 2018.

    Christopher Polk / Getty Images

    So, people are obviously asking a very simple question β€” why?!

    Why is @KrisJenner wearing sunglasses inside the #EPeoplesChoiceAwards she looks ridiculous πŸ˜‚

    In fact, it was all anyone could seem to talk about.

    What is up with Kris Jenner wearing sunglasses at the PCAs? Weird....

    #PCAs Can someone tell Kris Jenner to remove the sunglasses? We are over it already!!

    Is no one going to mention @KrisJenner wearing her sunglasses INSIDE the whole night? #PeoplesChoiceAwards2018

    Was there a problem with her eyes?

    Did #krisJenner just have glaucoma surgery? Why the sunglasses? #peopleschoiceawards #kuwtk

    @enews Is @KrisJenner ok? Sunglasses...maybe had an eye procedure done??

    Was she maybe just a little hungover?

    @1ztBornUnicorn @KrisJenner Lord, is she hungover? πŸ˜‚

    Apparently Kris wasn't the only one wearing sunglasses indoors though β€” Rita Ora also donned a pair for a performance on the night.

    Christopher Polk / Getty Images

    I guess we'll never truly understand the lives of celebrities.

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