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People Think That Kim, Kendall, And Kylie Ignored The Met Gala Theme And Are Pretty Mad About It

"Honestly why even show up, just stay home."

So yesterday marked the biggest night in fashion when the 2018 Met Gala stormed New York City.

The night – hosted by Rihanna, Amal Clooney, and Donatella Versace – saw a ton of big names walking the stairs of the Metropolitan Museum, with most adhering to the "Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination" dress code.

But as usual there were a couple of celebrities who didn't exactly go all out for the theme, two of which were the Jenner sisters, Kendall and Kylie.

Kendall opted for a white jumpsuit with like, long trousers (yes, I am a fashion expert now).

While Kylie kept it simple in a black dress with tiny sunglasses that she had to look over the top of because it's impossible to see through them.

As always Twitter watched one episode of America's Next Top Model and decided they knew everything about fashion, so were the main judges of who hit and miss on the night.

And people really weren't impressed with the Jenner sisters.

Kendall is wearing a damn white jumpsuit.... honestly why even show up? Just stay home then!πŸ™„ #MetGala

#MetGala Did someone forget to tell Kylie Jenner that there's a theme? #METGALA18

sorry to keep talking about the met gala but I'm just SO embarrassed looking at Kendall and Kylie. It's lowkey disrespectful to come not even partially in theme. They both should've stayed home.

No, they weren't impressed at all.

Kendall & Kylie Jenner arriving at the #MetGala in their themeless outfits

Who allowed Kendall Jenner into the #MetGala lookin like that. Better yet, who allowed those who don't follow the met's dress code into the event at all?? If y'all can't show up and show out, you gotta go.

Mostly because it seemed both sisters had just ignored everything about the theme.

Somebody teach Kylie Jenner what a theme is. #MetGala

Kylie and Kendal really made an effort to not be on theme smh #MetGala

Big sister Kim Kardashian was a little more on theme.

But even she got dragged for putting in minimal effort.

kim kardashian after slapping a cross on a boring gold dress to fit the theme

kim put little to no imagination in for the theme lol two fucking crosses on her body and it’s catholic imagination sure step it up babes

The kadashian/Jenner family FLOPPED this #MetGala . Kim barely even tried, Kris just look a mess, & idk wtf kinda theme Kylie & Kendall were going for. The whole family gets an L.

Some people came to their defence though, saying that although there wasn't much effort for the theme, they all still looked great.

The theme was Heavenly Bodies, and the girls are mad that Miss Kim focused on the BODY. Well! Stay mad! Because sis ATE!

Tbh I love travis' and kylie's look even if it's out of theme

And they weren't the only celebrities pointed out for not going along with the dress code. In fact, they were in good company.

I feel like people like Hailey, Kendall, Kylie & Selena should be permanently disinvited for having zero respect for the theme and coming in the most bland and boring looking outfits #MetGala

Kylie Jenner, Kendall, and Miley showing up to the #MetGala out of dress code

I guess if you can afford the $30,000 for a ticket, you can wear what you want. The rest of us are sitting at home broke either way.