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    There Is A New Version Of "Anaconda" Proving Nicki Minaj Is Still Queen

    Do we have a crown to hand over? Anybody got a crown?

    It's fair to say that Nicki Minaj has basically owned 2015.

    Larry Busacca / Getty

    She's enjoyed the success of her last album "The Pinkprint", went on a huge world tour, won multiple awards, and maybe possibly got engaged, who knows?


    Fair to say 2015's been alright for Nicki.

    And just when you thought she couldn't win at 2015 anymore, producer AnonXmous has uploaded an entirely new version of her banger "Anaconda".

    AnonXmous / Via

    The track will be used on his upcoming "Hallucinagens" project.

    In case you've forgotten about the first version, "Anaconda" was the Vevo record-breaking anthem celebrating women's bodies.


    The video currently has over half a billion views on YouTube which is OK, kinda modest.

    "Anaconda 2.0" includes a verse not used in the original, and an altered backing track because Nicki is what? A QUEEN!


    Listen to "Anaconda 2.0" below!

    Explicit version, obvs.

    Queen Minaj First of Her Name, 2015 is yours.


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