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People Are Accusing Katy Perry Of Being Jealous After She Paid $50,000 To Stop A Fan Going On A Date With Orlando Bloom


Katy Perry was in a relationship with Orlando Bloom. I'm sure you don't need me to tell you that, but I'm just making sure we're all on the same page.

I say "was" because although the two have been seen together many times in what looks to be a reunion, they haven't actually confirmed that they're back together.

But judging by this Instagram comment from back in summer, I guess we can assume they're an item again.

Anyway, Katy was on stage recently at a charity event where she was auctioning off a date with Mr Bloom to help raise money towards those affected by the wildfires in California.

But that's for a good cause, so what are people unhappy about? Everything started OK, with Katy hyping up the motorbike date. She even threw in lunch as a bonus.

But then Katy, in what appeared to be a joke, decided to play the jealous girlfriend card. "That also means that when you are on the motorcycle with him, you're holding him in a way that I am not excited about," she said, before adding that the lucky buyer would also get to touch Orlando's pecs and six pack.

One person in the crowd was definitely into it, offering $20,000 to start the bidding. But Katy didn't sound too impressed, saying, "Wait, you're 20?" before asking for the person's name, which was Laura.

With Laura starting the bidding so high, it was tough to find anybody to offer more, so the auctioneer tried to close the bidding, until Katy stopped him.

"No. I'm sorry, what was your name one more time?" Katy asked the person in the crowd. "Laura? Sorry, I'm buying it for $50,000."

Katy then literally dropped the mic and walked off stage...

As you've probably guessed, people weren't exactly impressed by the joke.

What Katy Perry did was bitchy. I don't care that she donated $50k. She still could've done that on top of Laura's $20k and let Laura have her date with Orlando. If you're so insecure, DON'T AUCTION OFF A DATE WITH YOUR BOYFRIEND!!!! https://t.co/238ltaAnPe

What Katy Perry did wasn’t cool & her insecurity regarding her relationship with Orlando Bloom is showing #katyperry #sorryLaura

@billboard @katyperry: Why not just donate the 50k just because and let Laura win the date for 20k, thereby raising 70k. But petty will do what petty will do I guess.

@jakeforken @mcmfoto @YahooEnt @katyperry Yes. People put something for bid to raise outside money. If they have class, they don’t deny outside money then bid on their own piece because they are jealous or spiteful. They could have taken Laura’s money and Katy could have donated elsewhere.

In fact, the comments were pretty ruthless, with multiple people saying Katy had no class for pulling the stunt.

But fans soon leapt to her defence.

With some saying that if another celebrity like Rihanna did it, then it wouldn't be a problem.

as if locals are mad because katy perry outbidded a fan for a date with orlando bloom for charity lmaoooo if rihanna did it y’all would have 300k likes on a tweet about how rihanna is a relatable ass bitch or something

I'll let you watch the full thing and decide for yourself.

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