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    24 Questions For Fans Of Game Of Thrones From Someone Who Just Doesn't Get It

    Jon Snow isn't the only one that knows nothing.

    1. Why was playing Runescape such a taboo in school but this dungeons and dragons business isn't frowned upon as adults?

    2. Can I emotionally attach myself to somebody or will they just die?

    3. Come to think of it, how does the show continue when everybody's basically dead?

    4. Why is winter, like a 21-year-old, always coming?

    5. Why is there all this fighting to sit on a throne that’s so hard it’ll probably give you piles?

    6. How do you pronounce this ruthless bitch's name?

    7. Is Hodor just Hagrid or nah?

    8. Why is it perfectly acceptable to just drop your breeches and shag your sister?

    9. More than once...

    10. And to have three children as a result of the affair...

    11. If you're not engaging in coitus with your sister, why is it acceptable to pimp her out instead?

    12. For a throne...

    13. Why should I care what the silver-haired one does with her dragons?

    14. What's with all the naked people?

    15. Why is a little toerag like Joffrey allowed to cause so much shit?

    16. Is Season 4 a completely unacceptable time to still not understand a damn thing?

    17. What's with all the men and no dicks thing?

    18. Actually, what's with the whole "Let's chop something off for punishment" deal?

    19. What's the deal with the Red Wedding?

    There was a shit-ton of mercy left in the world after this happened because clearly none of it was used for this scene.

    20. Was one ray of happiness too much to extend?

    21. Does George R. R. Martin just hate Catelyn?

    22. Seriously, why not just rename it Game of Thrones: Catelyn Watches Her Entire Family Die?

    23. Can't the women just catch a break in general?

    24. And finally how, after five damn seasons, does Jon Snow still know nothing?