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Jimmy Fallon Asked People To Tweet About Why Their Families Are Weird And It's Hilarious

"When I was learning to parallel park, my dad used my sister and brother as traffic cones."

Jimmy Fallon's back at it again. Every now and then, he does a segment where he gets fans to tweet their funny stories. He already did one for "How I Got Dumped" and it was hilarious.

This time, Jimmy wanted to hear weird family stories. And boy oh boy, people delivered.

It's Hashtags time! Tweet out a funny, weird, or embarrassing thing a family member has done or said, and tag it with #MyFamilyIsWeird. Could be on the show!

Jimmy started with a pretty tame example. Not a bad start.

But Jimmy was soon to realise that wasn't so weird after all. I mean, it's not like his parents used kids as traffic cones.

There were stories about grandparents and dentures.

Or what about this story of the year round Christmas tree.

Finger painting, anyone?

Does your family sneak off in the dead of night to go on holiday?

This story's kinda sweet tbf.

F. Scott Fitzgerald did not have this in mind when he wrote about the green light.

Getting roasted by your grandparents is the worst, let's be honest.

"We are looking for a 4 here."

I love aisle five of Disneyland.

There's always next year...

And finally, never argue with a dog — they'll always win!

You can watch the full segment here.

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