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    Fans Are Loving This Not At All Dirty Comment That Jessica Biel Left On Justin Timberlake's Instagram

    What a big brain Justin has... πŸ‘€

    Ahhh Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake β€” don't they make a sweet couple?

    They look so in love and are pretty much the definition of relationship goals.

    And even though they've been together for 11 years, they still clearly fancy each other. Just take Jessica's latest comment on her hubby's Instagram for example.

    It all started when Justin posted this picture of himself working on his upcoming book, Hindsight. It looks like he's hard at work if you ask me.

    A ton of adoring fans could be found in the comments, but among them happened to be Jessica herself, who was very complimentary of her husband.

    I don't want to start assumptions, but it sure does look like there was another word that was meant to replace brain there.

    And not for nothing, but wasn't Justin's nickname "Justin Trousersnake" back in the day?


    Anyway, fans thought the comment was hilarious of course.

    Even if some of them weren't that subtle...

    Well, now you know Justin Timberlake has a big brain. The more you know!


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