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Jade From Little Mix Had A Drag-Themed Birthday And My Little Gay Heart Is Exploding

Condragulations to the fifth member of Little Mix: Shaneeda Nibbles.

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In case you didn't know, Jade Thirlwall (from the Haus of Little Legends, also known as Little Mix) is a gay icon. She's basically an honorary member of the LGBT community.

Instagram: @littlemix

Jade's a huuuuge supporter of LGBT rights and quite possibly the No. 1 fan of RuPaul's Drag Race.

So it was only fitting that for her 25th birthday celebrations, Jade threw the gayest party of all time and transformed herself into a drag queen for the night.


Fans were happy to see Jade having the most Jade party of all time.

And that she had revealed her true form in Shaneeda Nibbles.

jade amelia thirlwall is the definition of a QUEEN #Jades25thKiKi

It wasn't just Jade that went all out for #Jades25thkiki. Leigh-Anne looked like a vision in pink and iridescent thigh high heels.

Instagram: @leighannepinnock

And there was also this INCREDIBLE pink fur coat, which she matched with her boyfriend.

Fur babies.. #jades25thkiki 💎💎💎💎 x Leigh


Jesy also dressed up for the party, and came to slay in red.

Instagram: @jesynelson

She even turned one of her friends into a drag queen. Jesy Nelson: A DRAG MOTHER.

Instagram: @jesynelson

Jade looked like she was having the best time.

Instagram: @scoey_j

And tbh I can't blame her because the party looked like so much fun.

Shaneeda Neebles bettah get ha LYFE #Jades25thKiKi

If you listen really carefully, you can probably still hear me screaming "YAAAASSS" at the top of my lungs.

Jade and Jesy last night 😍😍😍😍 liviiiing #Jades25thKiKi

This is like all my gay dreams come true.

SHOOKETH!! 3/4 of @LittleMix ! #Jades25thKiKi #happybirthdayjade #kween