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A Rugby Physio Has The Best Job In The World And Here's The Proof

Best. Job. Ever.

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1. Everybody knows that rugby is the hottest sport to exist in the world ever.

David Rogers / Getty

It's basically all about thighs and butts. They sometimes throw a ball around but that's not really important.


4. Since the physio has to deal with these thighs and butts, it's fair to say they have the most important job on the team.

5. And there's more than one reason to be jealous of the job they have to do.

Some people have the best jobs. The job of a rugby club masseur 😜😳

8. Thighs are like, the most important part of any rugby game and it's the physio's job to look after them.


10. And stroke those beautiful faces.

Hagen Hopkins / Getty

There is a very slim chance this guy is actually just stroking this man's face, but it's a reason to be jealous anyway.

13. Obviously being a physio is serious business and should not be taken lightly.

Mark Nolan / Getty

You can't just wander onto the pitch and start rubbing people down unfortunately, you actually have to know your shit.


14. And they're always busy because they need to be at the beck and call of all the players in their team.

Phil Walter / Getty

What with all the tackling going on, physios are needed on the pitch quite often.

20. Because they're out of the firing line when the action starts.

Bradley Kanaris / Getty Images

No getting involved in the rough and tumble, they just deal with the aftermath.

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