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19 Things That Happen When You And Your Best Friend Are Both Single

"Please don't fuck it up. I already got my wedding hat and I lost the receipt."

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1. You text each other when you think you've found a bae.


Which, let's be honest, is almost every day.

2. Your best friend will ask for a picture and then inevitably disagree with your choice 80% of the time.

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"Are your eyes broken please?"

3. You swipe together on Tinder.

My friends are sitting on the couch having a "Tinder Swiping Session" where they sit and simultaneously swipe for matches on Tinder. Wow...

Usually to the left.

4. And maybe quarrel when you both swipe right for the same person.


5. You have sleepovers and talk about every ex you've ever dated.


6. On these sleepovers, you'll try to pick apart past relationships to decide where it all went wrong.


This is scientific research so you don't repeat the same mistakes again.

7. And since you're doing this with your best friend, they'll be brutally honest.

20th Century Fox

"I told you your ex was an asshole and you didn't listen."

8. You help each other to flirt with your respective crushes.

I love helping my bestfriend flirt. lol it's a team effort 😂😏

You're probably both as bad as each other, but at least you're in it together.

9. So therefore when the flirting goes wrong, you have someone else to put the blame on.


10. You get crazy singing power ballads in the car because, you know, "I Will Always Love You" and all that.


11. Or you sing some sassy "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" business.


12. You moan to each other about how you're probably definitely going to be an old spinster with 13 cats.

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13. Until one of you realises you don't even like cats and the emotions start all over again.


14. You plan nights out with the intention of both finding a lifelong partner.


Or, at the very least, a nightlong partner.

15. Chances are you both head home together for a threesome with McDonald's.

just me and my bestfriend 4 ever eating at mcdonalds

16. When one or both of you score a date, it's a big deal. Like a ~big~ deal.


It happens as frequently as the Earth orbits the sun.

17. You help and prep each other for the date because this is serious business.


"I already bought my wedding hat and I lost the receipt."

18. The prep includes trying to mask the fact you have already spent hours stalking them online.

"Serious, don't tell them you already know their sister is called Betty and she's a teacher from Manchester. Play it cool."
Summit Entertainment / BuzzFeed

"Serious, don't tell them you already know their sister is called Betty and she's a teacher from Manchester. Play it cool."

19. And finally, you're both there to console each other that yes, you might be single forever, but you'll always have each other.