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19 Things That Happen When You And Your Best Friend Are Both Single

"Please don't fuck it up. I already got my wedding hat and I lost the receipt."

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3. You swipe together on Tinder.

My friends are sitting on the couch having a "Tinder Swiping Session" where they sit and simultaneously swipe for matches on Tinder. Wow...

Usually to the left.


8. You help each other to flirt with your respective crushes.

I love helping my bestfriend flirt. lol it's a team effort 😂😏

You're probably both as bad as each other, but at least you're in it together.


15. Chances are you both head home together for a threesome with McDonald's.

just me and my bestfriend 4 ever eating at mcdonalds


18. The prep includes trying to mask the fact you have already spent hours stalking them online.

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"Serious, don't tell them you already know their sister is called Betty and she's a teacher from Manchester. Play it cool."