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Kylie Jenner Showed Off Her House On Instagram And When You See It You'll Want To Move In

A billionaire's house doesn't quite look like ours.

There are certain facts in life that are indisputable: the sky is blue, the grass is green, and Kylie Jenner is richer than all of us combined.

So how exactly do you live when you're 21 and almost a billionaire? Lavishly, of course. You take private jets everywhere.

You drive fancy ass cars.

Of which you have many.

And you go away on luxury holidays. I think it's fair to say that Kylie's out here living her best life.

Well Kylie was clearly in the mood to share a little more about her extravagant and relatable lifestyle recently when she jumped on the 'gram and basically gave us a mini tour of her house. Or one of them, I should say...

First of all, what's a mansion if it doesn't have its own olympic sized swimming pool fitted with multiple fountains?

And of course, a sheltered area with sofas and probably a door to Narnia to entertain your friends in.

Or Kylie can sit outside and entertain Stormi, whatever tickles her fancy.

Every mansion also needs a tennis and basketball court. I would know this because my palace has six of them.

And just look at the goddamn house in the background!

Judging from the glimpse we got, Kylie's bed is a quadruple king size and obviously her bedroom has it's own outdoor patio with views over the garden. Very casual.

I don't know why but the fact Kylie's bedroom also has automatic blinds makes me feel poorer than anything else.

You know a house is luxury when it has gates that open to reveal a mansion, a bunch of fancy cars parked outside, and what looks like a security guard waiting for your arrival.

When people saw the house, they were shook.

so that’s kylie jenner’s fucking house?! 😭😭

kylie jenners house is so beautiful, may i please live inside

@KylieJenner did you buy a new house? Hire me as maid sis

And of course, everybody could relate.

Kylie Jenner at 20: Multibillionaire, CEO of an empire, owns several houses, pregnant Me at 20: my mum said we cant hang out tonight

Can someone please tell @KylieJenner to stop moving. Sis is really on like her 5th house and I haven’t even moved out yet! 😭😭😭

Thanks Kylie Jenner for posting your nice ass vehicles and house with a pool.... Making me realize again and again I’m a broke ass bitch. 🙃🙃

Us? Jealous? Never.