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    21 Things That Would Happen If Jamaicans Went To Hogwarts

    Harry would not rid the world of evil for free.

    1. The Three Broomsticks would know how to get down at the weekend.

    #JamaicansAtHogwarts The 3 Broomsticks Inn sells ginger beer instead of butter beer and hosts bashment raves after curfew

    Hermione was definitely a regular.

    2. Harry's dirty cauldron would probably have still gotten him detention with Snape.

    #JamaicansAtHogwarts "Where is ur cauldron Harry?" "Sarry sir, mi mudda seh mi affi leave it ah yard fi soak cah it carry nuff germ"

    3. Harry would not rid the world of evil for free.

    #JamaicansAtHogwarts "harry is upto u to save us and the world from lord voldemort" harry: eee? dem a pay me?

    4. "Yo momma" jokes would still be on.

    Harry: expelliarmus Jamaican: expelliarmus yuh Mada! Harry: mi mum is dead. Jam: expelliarmus yuh dead mumma! #JamaicansAtHogwarts

    5. Your dad would not be safe from the jokes either.

    #jamaicansathogwarts Voldemort: filthy muggle Jamaican: like yuh daddy

    6. The conductor on the Hogwarts Express would be exceptionally efficient about getting everybody to school.

    Conducting on Hogwarts train... "One more inna da row deh ! Five up the row ! Everybody haffi reach school " #JamaicansAtHogwarts

    7. There would be a great choice of food post-match.

    #JamaicansAtHogwarts sells jerk chicken outside the quidditch stadium

    8. Harry would not stand for Hagrid putting his pets before finding a wife.

    #JamaicansAtHogwarts "Hagrid, me no know wa ya pree eno. yahv spider a crawl, dragon a breed. wahgwaan? yahv every species but a gyal."

    9. The non-Jamaican students would maybe have a hard time understanding certain phrases.

    Move yuh bloodclaat Everybody: is that a new spell? #Jamaicansathogwarts

    10. In a terrible fright, there could be some mix up with the spells.

    #JamaicansAtHogwarts When a dementor a rush yuh and yuh slip up and say "Expecto-yuhMadda"

    11. There would an eclectic range of options on the food trolley.

    Hogwarts train Old lady: ''Anything from the trolley dear?' Jamaican: mi wah Brown stew chicken nd 2 piece dumplin. #JamaicansAtHogwarts

    12. Olivander would sell wands with different kinds of wand core.

    #JamaicansAtHogwarts Girl: My wand is made of holly & unicorn hair, yours? Jamaican: Guava tree & piece a Portia wig, dis nah bruk fi now

    13. Harry would be playing all kinds of games with Voldemort.

    Voldemort: Harry. Harry: New phone who this? #JamaicansAtHogwarts

    14. Ron would want more food, as usual.

    #JamaicansAtHogwarts At the welcoming feast -> "gimme likkle fry chicken wid di curry gravy"

    15. There would be uproar about the flavours of Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans.

    Kinda annoyed Bertie Bott's Jelly beans nuh come inna nuh jerk flavor. Bare nastiness #JamaicansAtHogwarts

    16. Harry would likely be picked on for using his invisibility cloak to go to the library.

    #JamaicansAtHogwarts "my really have a invisibility cloak and you choose fi go library? Yah one real wasteman"

    17. Swears could be misconstrued as a new spell.

    When the cauldron drops and the badword that flies is so elaborate you're not sure if it's a new spell #JamaicansAtHogwarts

    18. Every healing spell would produce the same results.

    No matter what, every Healing spell you do, all appears a Tea and vicks vapor rub #JamaicansAtHogwarts

    19. There wouldn't be much of an army left to fight Voldemort.

    #JamaicansAtHogwarts Dumbledore: the Dark Lord has returned Jamaicans: -packs things- whole a unu lucky. Me nuh ready fi dead

    20. The students would hand Harry Potter over without much coaxing.

    #JamaicansAtHogwarts voldemort: give me Harry Potter, and I shall leave Hogwarts untouched. jamaican: suh yuh nuh bloodclaat tek him, gwaan

    21. Then again, there's every chance the Jamaicans wouldn't make it to Hogwarts, so maybe there wouldn't be a new story after all!

    First of all Jamaicans not running into no wall because somebody say they will go through the other side so we not reaching Hogwarths

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