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    This Man’s 3D Drawings Are So Incredible, You’ll Think They're Alive

    Stefan Pabst, an artist from Germany, has been creating 3D paintings and drawings that look way more real than they should.

    You might've seen a video of a 3D spider painting around the internet recently.

    Stefan Pabst / Via Facebook: stefan.pabst.167

    This is the work of Stefan Pabst.

    Stefan Pabst / Via

    Do you dare touch it?

    Stefan is a 35-year-old artist living in Germany.

    Stefan Pabst / Via

    He paints both portraits and in 3D. Although his work on the internet is relatively recent, he's been doing it for some time.

    "I started painting professionally in 2007," Pabst explained to BuzzFeed News.

    Stefan Pabst / Via Facebook: stefan.pabst.167

    "People would bring me photographs and I’d paint a portrait."

    Pabst explained his desire to create something new after becoming bored with just painting portraits.

    Stefan Pabst / Via Facebook: stefan.pabst.167

    "Every day for 10 hours I was painting faces. It was a challenge to begin with but I got bored," explained Pabst. "I wanted to go beyond the boundaries of the sheet of paper and leave 2D behind."

    Pabst began uploading speed painting videos to YouTube.

    These videos double as tutorials.

    And show the process of how Stefan does his paintings.

    Stefan Pabst / Via

    Pabst explained to BuzzFeed that he doesn't just want to wow people with his work, but inspire them too.

    Stefan Pabst / Via Facebook: stefan.pabst.167

    "I want to inspire people through my art and show them that they can do anything. I want to show the magic of painting."

    "I often get responses from people that all this is just fake or processed by a computer."

    But with the help of his videos, Stefan is proving that his paintings are authentic. He even confessed to feeling uneasy about his own his work.

    Stefan Pabst / Via

    "After I did the spider painting, it made me feel a little queasy," Pabst admitted. "I knew it wasn’t real, my head kept telling me it was dangerous and disgusting."

    Stefan Pabst / Via Facebook: stefan.pabst.167

    As for the future, Stefan has plans to push his work even further.

    "I want to combine portrait painting with 3D painting. It will look as if the man looks out from the paper."

    For more of Stefan's work, you can check out his YouTube channel.

    View this video on YouTube

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