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    17 Hilarious Tweets About Things You Wish You Could've Said To Your Black Mom

    Don't show your moms though.

    Black Twitter is at it again with another hilarious hashtag, this time about all the things we would say to our mothers if we weren't afraid of them. Lol.

    1. When she makes you keep taking pictures until she sees one she likes.

    Bey: Didn't I say look into the camera Blue: Girl you run the world, but you don't run me #HowToughIAmBlackEdition

    2. When she hits you with this black parent proverb.

    mom: i brought u into this world and i will take you out me: coo what time we leavin' #HowToughIAmBlackEdition

    3. When she won't tell you what she wants.

    Mom: *Calls my name* Me: Yes!? Mom: *silence* Me: Guess she doesn't want anything then. #HowToughIAmBlackEdition

    4. When you don't feel like being bothered.

    Mom: *calls my name* Me: *silent* Mom: *screams my name* Me: *silent* #howtoughIAmBlackEdition

    5. When she keeps giving you math problems.

    Mom: "How many times I gotta tell yo a..." Me: "Idk but I hope you keeping count" #HowToughIAmBlackEdition

    6. When she exaggerates how much noise you're making upstairs.

    #HowToughIAmBlackEdition "Stop all that bumping around up there and sit the hell down!" Me:

    7. When she seems confused about why you make noise in the first place.

    Ma: Why can I hear you ??? Me: Because you got ears 🤔 #HowToughIAmBlackEdition

    8. When she gets sarcastic.

    Mom: "you think im playing games with you dont you? " me: "you right i do. Draw 4" #HowToughIAmBlackEdition

    9. When she acts like she wants to play ball.

    Mom: "Don't catch an attitude" Me:"Don't throw one then" #HowToughIamBlackEdition

    10. When she forgets she chose your daddy and not you.

    #HowToughIAmBlackEdition Mom: You act just like your sorry daddy . Me: Well nobody told you to have a baby with him.

    11. When she forgets who your daddy is.

    Ma: wait til ya daddy get home, he gon whoop you Me: you & I both know he ain't my daddy. #HowToughIAmBlackEdition

    12. When she comes at you with a rhetorical question that she already knows the answer to...

    Mom-Ur teacher called me today. y did she call me? Me-When she called you she told you why #howtoughiamblackedition

    13. ...because she wants to give you a chance to save yourself.

    #HowToughIAmBlackEdition mom: "Who the hell you think you talking to!?" me: "you only other person in here🙃"

    14. When she throws out a threat that doesn't match the offense.

    #HowToughIAmBlackEdition Mom: "You got one more time to roll your eyes, imma knock'em in back of your head Me:

    15. When she tries your maturity.

    Mom: Oh, so you think you grown now? Me: #HowToughIAmBlackEdition

    16. When she claims to tell you something she actually never told you.

    #howtoughiamblackedition mom: I thought I told you to take the chicken out the freezer before I got home. me:

    17. And when you're fed up because she always takes it to the extreme.

    Ma: So if yo friends jump off u jumpin too? Me: #Howtoughiamblackedition

    Note: These tweets are fun and games because we know this truth reigns supreme.

    Every last one of these #HowToughAmIBlackEdition tweets can only end one way