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Here Are 99 Of The Most Popular Movies Of All Time – How Many Have You Seen?

Don't @ me about the list, I didn't make it.

So there I was, looking through Letterboxd when I found a list of their most popular movies of all time. Colour me intrigued.

And when I opened the list, I was somewhat surprised, not least because Mad Max: Fury Road was top and I've never seen it. In fact, out of the top 99 movies, I've only seen 32...

Well, I'm sure you can do better than me, so I've laid out the list of the most popular movies of all time below, and yes they're in order. Just tick off the ones you've seen. AND REMEMBER, I didn't make the list, so if you have any problems with your favourite movies not being included, take it up with Letterboxd. I'm just the middle man who's mad about Charlie's Angels not being number one.