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    Rihanna's Winery Might Be Fake, But It's More Complicated Than It Seems

    Buckle up, we're going for a deep dive.

    Fenty Beauty came crashing into our lives at full speed in early September, and the world has been more magically beautiful ever since.

    And recently Rihanna has been on a makeup tour, with Fenty Beauty events taking place in New York, London, Paris, and Madrid.

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    But claims recently appeared on Twitter that Rihanna had trademarked "Fenty Estates Wine and Spirits Company". This was allegedly for distilled spirits and wine.

    Rihanna filed a new trademark for "FENTY Estates Wine and Spirits Company". This is not a drill.

    And obviously fans on Twitter were getting super excited about it. I mean, who could blame them?

    me after my daily Fenty skincare, sipping my Fenty wine, on my way to Fenty University to daydream about being feat…

    But according to Billboard, the whole thing isn't as legit as everybody first thought.

    Other than a shared name, the owner of the “Fenty Estates Wine” trademark, JGC Global LLC, appears unrelated. In fact, JGC Global is seemingly so obscure that its entire online footprint consists of a handful of alcohol-related trademark applications.

    And Billboard added that Rihanna's reps had told them that the reports were “totally untrue.” So that's that, and nothing to get excited about, right? Well, not so fast...


    Because there's also been talk of "House of Fenty".

    Rihanna has filed a new trademark under 'House of Fenty' for skincare products.

    "House of Fenty" looked like it was trademarked for a skincare range that included creams, lotions, and toners. I, for one, was shook.

    But as we already know, you can't take Twitter as bible so I pulled up my socks and did some investigating of my own. And the investigating revealed some pretty interesting stuff.

    It turns out that yes, it looks like House of Fenty has been legally trademarked, and it was actually filed on 13 September, just after the release of Fenty Beauty.

    This comes from the UK government's official website, so that seems legit enough to me.

    But what makes it even more interesting is the name of company who filed the patent, Roraj Trade. In 2012, Roraj Trade was named as a claimant in legal papers when Rihanna took Topshop to court over the use of her image – a case that she later won. Roraj Trade and Rihanna are connected.

    And what makes the trademark even more interesting is the fact that it includes not only skincare, but the "distilled spirits and wine" that "Fenty Estates Wine and Spirits Company" were allegedly trademarking. Hmmmmm.


    And that's not all, because House of Fenty includes... well, basically everything, from eyewear and luggage, to perfume and cellular phones.

    Now that's not to say that everything that's included in the filed trademark will come to light. As Billboard pointed out, "Famous people routinely register potential trademarks in order to reserve future opportunities."

    But it's also worth pointing out that Fenty Beauty was trademarked on 24 May 2016, more than a year before the actual release. And who filed that trademark? You guessed it, Roraj Trade aka the same goddamn people who've filed "House of Fenty".

    So if House of Fenty really does come to light, who knows where it could lead!?

    the year is 2027. rihanna &her brand have seized the means of production from corporate america. we have universal healthcare. fenty health.

    It really is Rihanna's world, we're just lucky enough to live in it.

    A spokesperson for Rihanna has been contacted for comment.

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