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    18 Things You'll Understand If You're The Easy Target In Your Friendship Group

    RIP me.

    1. Your group chat is not a safe place.


    It should be renamed "RIP *insert your name*".

    2. You can often predict when you're about to be teased but sometimes it just comes out of nowhere.

    3. Sometimes you think you're out of the woods and then BAM, it's back full circle to you.


    You could be talking about unicorns and somehow you'd still end up getting teased.

    4. When you've been away from the group chat for a while, you'll return to find you're still getting teased.


    It's cute though because they're thinking of you at all times, bless.

    5. You're thankful when the heat moves away from you.

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    Yes, let's tease somebody else.

    6. And you're more than happy to jump on the bandwagon.

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    7. But joining in comes at a risk, because the person being teased will throw you under the bus to take the heat off them.

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    8. You often think of a good comeback but then have to make the decision on whether it's worth sticking your oar in.


    9. 99.3% of the time, it's not.


    The spotlight just falls back on you.

    10. There has definitely been a moment when you've been appointed as the Michelle of the group.

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    Which is bullshit because you're definitely the Beyoncé.

    11. You're probably the youngest person of the friendship which gives everyone more ammunition.

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    12. You make the mistake of telling your friends EVERYTHING and they have no problem with storing this information and using it in the future.

    13. You're sometimes quietly impressed by the speed at which your friends come up with comebacks.


    But then you remember it's aimed at you, sighhhhh.

    14. But for the most part, it's got to the point now where their insults go in one ear and out the other.


    Sometimes they don't even go in because you're not paying attention.

    15. You've admitted that their bitchiness has rubbed off on you.


    For the better of course.

    16. You're all so horrid to each other, it's a surprise when someone actually says something nice.


    It lasts all of three seconds before you're back to square one.

    17. It's completely fine when they tease you but the minute somebody else does, you know they've got your back.


    18. You sometimes admit how much you actually love each other.

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    On these days, pigs fly and moons are blue.

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