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    Dua Lipa Just Revealed A Fourth Rule To Stick To, And One Rule That Should Be Broken

    Queen of New Rules.

    If there's one person who knows what rules you should stick to and which ones you should break, it's Dua Lipa.

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    And in her latest cover interview with Teen Vogue, Dua not only gave us a fourth rule to help get over those pesky exes, but also gave us the one rule we should definitely break.

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    You know the first three rules of course: don't pick up the phone, don't let him in, and don't be his friend because you'll only end up back in the cycle again. So what's the fourth?

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    "Quite Frankly," said Dua, "Block them on social media." Here I am following the rules because the good sis Lipa knows what's best.


    And you shouldn't just take that into account when it comes to romantic relationships either. Dua added that "New Rules" can be about "someone weighing you down ... cramping your mood or making you feel bad."

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    "It just depends on if that person is really toxic. One thing you’re really responsible for is the energy you surround yourself with."

    And which rule should be broken? That's easy, the patriarchy of course.

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    "I think gender norms are definitely a massive rule that should be broken."

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    Don't worry guys, Dua's definitely got your back. You can read the full interview here.

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