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    19 Things You'll Understand If You're Kinky But Not That Kinky

    "Maybe I'm more vanilla with sprinkles."

    1. Let's just get this straight – you know for a fact you're not vanilla.

    2. In fact, you'd like to think you're pretty kinky.

    3. After all, you like to explore and you keep a relatively open mind.

    4. But then you hear about truly kinky things and realise whoa, maybe I'm not that kinky.

    5. You definitely have a line you won't cross for sure.

    6. And pissing on somebody is definitely past your line.

    7. Poop just isn't in the question at all because you're not willing to be a human toilet.

    8. You probably make yourself sound much kinkier in sexts than you actually are.

    9. Because deep down you only like the sound of the idea, you’d never actually do it in real life.

    10. You're down for some bondage, that's 100% fine.

    11. But just not with, like, ropes and chains.

    12. And you like things to get a little rough with some spanking and light choking.

    13. But just not too hard because you bruise like a peach and pain isn't cute.

    14. You like to be bossed around a little bit but also not too much.

    15. You have a fair few sex toys to make things exciting but they're just, like, the standard dildo and handcuffs, nothing too extraordinary.

    16. You've probably heard of people having BDSM sessions for hours and hours and all you can think of is "but when do you sleep?"

    17. And as for a 24/7 contractual relationship between a submissive and a dominant? That's not really your cup of tea either.

    18. At the end of the day, being really kinky just seems like a lot of effort.

    19. So you've come to accept that maybe you're not that kinky, you're more like vanilla with sprinkles, which is 100% fine by you.