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    A Fan Called Out Dua Lipa For Breaking Her Own Rules And She Clapped Back With A Brand New One

    Mind your business, 2018.

    By now at least 98% of Planet Earth has heard Dua Lipa and her absolute bop "New Rules" – I don't like to use the word iconic too loosely but it is everything.

    And basically Dua is now the queen of me not texting back my exes since I know they're only calling because they're drunk and alone.

    Anyway, because it's 2018 and people still can't mind their own business (myself included, I like to be nosy), there's been reports that Dua Lipa has not only broken up with her boyfriend but, uh, is "back in contact" with her ex again.

    I am a firm believer in letting everybody live their life, but people had a lot to say about it. Like, a lot.

    Dua Lipa after breaking up with her boyfriend and going back to talking to her ex

    Including this fan, who pointed out the rules had now been broken.

    @DUALIPA sis u broke the new rules

    But literally ONE MINUTE LATER Dua made it clear she wasn't having it and clapped back.

    So let's recite those rules, shall we? The first one is pretty easy: You just don't pick up the phone, since he's probably only calling you in the first place because he's drunk and alone.

    Number two is you're not allowed to let him in because you'll only go round in circles and have to kick him back out again.

    Number three is you're absolutely not allowed to be his friend because then there's too much temptation to hop back in his bed, and that's a big no-no.

    Also you can't really get over someone if you're under them.

    And rule number four? MIND YOUR OWN DAMN BUSINESS.

    Soooo, I think that's that.