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Dakota Johnson Revealed How They Film Sex Scenes For "Fifty Shades" And It's Not Sexy At All

Spoiler alert: It's not easy!

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First off, while Jamie had his penis bag, Dakota had a strapless thong that "they would superglue to my body so that it wouldn't fall off".


Going into a little more detail, Dakota said that the strapless thongs were like "nipple pasties, but underwear", and that she wore two. Even she said that it was "fucking bizarre".


Another interesting fact is that there were actually sex advisers on-set and "people who specialised in knowing how things work" and "how to use certain tools and toys".


According to Dakota, "Jamie mostly had an adviser that was on set for the first film, not so much for the second."

Is filming the sex scenes awkward? Of course! So what do the actors do to prepare? Dakota said that "If something is very, very difficult, it's sometimes necessary to have a shot of something strong beforehand."