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    This Is What People Were Searching On Pornhub During Comic-Con

    In a galaxy not so far away...

    Porn and comics go hand in hand, with parodies of movies and franchises, like Wonder Woman, becoming a popular category on Pornhub.

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    After the recent annual Comic-Con event, Pornhub released data that showed an increase in searches for all things Comic-Con related.

    Let's take a look at what searches increased the most...

    1. Topping the list was simply "comic con", with a 2767% increase in searches.

    2. Second on the list was "anime big tits", with a 382% increase.

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    3. Rounding off the top three, "cosplay uncensored" saw a 345% increase in searches.

    4. Next was "cosplay lesbian", with a 233% increase.

    5. As one of the most popular movies of the year so far, "wonder woman" searches jumped up 203%.

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    6. Next was "cosplay", a word appearing for the third time on the list. This more general search gathered a 166% increase.

    7. "Porn parody" had the seventh biggest increase, with 148%.

    8. Which was followed by "superhero", at a 137% increase.

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    9. "Video game", with 113% more searches than usual, was the final search to have an increase over 100%,

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    10. And in tenth spot, "gamer girl" had an 81% leap.

    You can see the full list here: