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    We Asked Chris Pratt And Bryce Dallas Howard 15 “Who's Most Likely To...” Questions And It Was Hilarious

    From laughing on set to stealing a motorcycle, and everything in between.

    The last time we saw Jurassic World and its home of Isla Nublar, everything was a bit of a mess after a genetically modified dinosaur, the Indominus Rex, wreaked havoc on the island. But thankfully Owen and Claire, better known as Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard, managed to save the day. So everything’s back to normal, right? Well, in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom everything’s falling down, the dinosaurs are being threatened with a second round of extinction, and scientists still haven’t learned their lesson, so maybe everything’s not OK after all.

    Before Chris and Bryce could attempt to save the day once more, we managed to grab the pair for a quick chat, and what better way to spend that time than by playing a game of “Who’s most likely to…”? That’s got to be better than fighting dinosaurs every day...right? Take it away, guys!

    Who's most likely to nail a shot in one take?

    Chris Pratt: Mine’s right.

    Bryce Dallas Howard: Noooo, no, no.

    CP: She’s being nice, I’m being accurate.

    Who's most likely to fall asleep on set?

    Who's the funniest person on set?

    BDH: Yeah, come on. I’m just gonna vote for him because it’s an accurate vote.

    Who's the most likely to be late?

    BDH: Ohh. No, I think we’re the same. I think we’re people who are on time.

    CP: We’re pretty punctual.

    BDH: But not super-duper early. And so if there’s an issue we’re like, argh, we should’ve left earlier.

    CP: We’re both the kinda people that if we arrived late we would know that something was wrong. I’d be like, oh, what’s up with Bryce, why is she late? There are other actors that we’ve both worked with where you’re like, “Wait, what’s wrong with them? They’re on time.”

    Who's most likely to trip and fall while running away from a T. rex?

    CP: Probably me. She did it in high heels, OK? I had regular old shoes and I was still falling. You have exceptional balance. You know you do.

    BDH: Thank you. That is my most special skill.

    Who would be the best person to guide a visitor around the Jurassic World island?

    BDH: Oh my gosh, come on, because it would just be so fun.

    CP: Yeah, I’d do it.

    BDH: Dude, you’d kill that.

    CP: That’s my specialty – tour guide.

    BDH: [laughs] You’d be so good at that.

    Whose plan would you trust the most in order to survive on the Jurassic World island?

    BDH: Legit. No, we’d do a good job together, but I always tell you that if there’s some apocalyptic situation, I’m showing up at your house.

    CP: The key is “plan”. So if it was a plan, it’d be you. I might be good in a pinch but if we had to plan it, it’d be you. If we had a plan, how comprehensive would your plan be, and how many pages over 100 would your plan be?

    BDH: [laughs] It would be as detailed as humanly possible.

    CP: Bryce is a human guidebook.

    BDH: And you’re a tour guide.

    CP: I’m a tour guide. Oh my god.

    Who's most likely to accidentally laugh during a take?

    BDH: I laugh really easily and usually it’s Chris that I’m laughing at.

    CP: Yeah, I got trained up on Parks and Rec to try not to break, so it takes a lot to get me to laugh on set, because it’s always been a challenge and I had years of practice on Parks and Rec of trying not to laugh around all those brilliant comedians.

    Who would scream the loudest when faced with a dinosaur?

    BDH: I would scream the loudest. I have a really loud scream.

    CP: Yeah, she does.

    BDH: He could be like, [puts on deep voice] “HEEEY!”

    CP: Yeah, I don’t have that screech octave. You know, super low. [Makes voice even deeper] In fact, right around here’s probably my natural voice, as you know.

    Who would be the best person to drive the Gyrosphere?

    BDH: To drive the Gyrosphere, I would say Chris. This is honest; you’re, like, a professional stunt driver.

    CP: That’s true.

    BDH: I talked about this with you yesterday.

    CP: We did talk about this. I can really hit a mark with a car.

    Who would throw the best Jurassic World-themed party?

    BDH: I would also say Chris because I could really think about it but I’d rather stay in. You’re more of a fun, party, celebratory guy.

    CP: Either one of us could throw a pretty terrible party. The question is who would throw the worst party, and I don’t know who that’d be. I think it’d be a tie. You don’t wanna go to our party. Jeff Goldblum probably.

    BDH: Oh my gosh, yeah, he’d throw a great party.

    Whose Jurassic World character would you go to if you needed advice?

    CP: I’d go to Claire.

    BDH: She’d take it dead seriously. She’d be like, “You’re asking me advice? I’m gonna tell you.”

    Who's most likely to steal a prop from set and keep it as a memento?

    [Bryce immediately holds up Chris’ paddle before the question's even finished]

    CP: Bryce is the kind of person, if she wants a prop she would first submit a formal request in writing, and then she’d go talk to various people, and ultimately after allowing them to have a democratic vote, she would determine whether or not she was OK with it. I stole my motorcycle.

    Whose Jurassic World character would you want to be BFFs with?

    BDH: Aww, that’s sweet. I don’t know if she shows up for people in the way Owen does.

    CP: She’s cuter. I’d go with Bryce.

    Who do you think knows the most about dinosaurs in real life?

    BDH: You have to give yourself this.

    CP: It might be me.

    BDH: It is you, for sure.

    You can catch Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, in UK cinemas 6 June and US cinemas 22 June.