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Channing Tatum Has Finally Responded To Rumours That He's Dating Jessie J

It was the opening night of Magic Mike Live, Channing's new show in London.

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Channing Tatum has been in the news a lot lately, mostly down to his reported new relationship with British singer Jessie J.

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But despite numerous reports that the pair are dating, an Instagram picture which many took to be confirmation, and multiple sightings at each other's shows, neither have officially commented on the rumours.

And even when asked directly at his recent Magic Mike Live launch night, Channing still kept pretty mum about the whole thing. Well, kind of...


When asked on the red carpet about his relationship status with Jessie, according to one report Channing responded: "What's that? Who's that?"

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And when pushed again on the topic, he replied again, "Who's that?" However, before his publicist dragged him away, Channing apparently gave a "cheeky laugh and a wink" which is all the confirmation I need.

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I mean, the two were spotted slow dancing at the same show the previous night, so I'll let you make up your own mind about whether Channing knows who Jessie is or not.

Relationship rumours aside, Channing also fielded questions about Magic Mike Live and its launch in the midst of campaigns such as #MeToo, which has highlighted sexual harassment and abuse in the entertainment industry.

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"Everything should be equal, and it's OK to appreciate the image of a man or a woman as long as it's done with respect and love," said Channing.

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He continued:

I don't think that we should just stop everything, even though it's such an incendiary moment, and just be like, 'Ahhh, let's just not look at each other, let's not talk to each other.' If anything it should be the opposite, we should actually have conversations, we should talk about the hard things.

In a separate interview on the same night, the topic of #MeToo was brought up again, with Channing this time revealing that the team behind the show was largely made up of women.

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"I was like, 'We can't be a bunch of men making a show for a bunch of women.' That's what the first two movies were," he said, referencing the Magic Mike franchise which he starred in. "It was weirdly made for women."

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Channing went on to say that despite the "complicated time", the show's aim was to "further the conversation".

It's a complicated time and it's a good time, but it's complicated. We're just trying to further the conversation because there's no right answers. There's just more exploration and communication.