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    Cardi B Taking Off Her Wig And Throwing It Into The Crowd Is The Only Thing You Need To See Today

    “I got carried away...I want my wig back.”

    Cardi B is probably used to snatching other people’s wigs clean off when she performs, but snatching her own wig? Now that’s got to be a first!

    The rapper was performing at Wireless Festival in London this past weekend and looked to be having a great time.

    But, to the surprise of the thousands in the crowd, Cardi got a little carried away with herself and offed her wig before throwing it into the crowd! Honestly, you need to watch it for yourself:

    And then Cardi just carried on performing wigless as if nothing had happened.

    When she posted the video on Instagram, celebrities such as Snoop Dogg and Taraji P. Henson could be found in the comments.

    But, hilariously, Cardi seemed to regret her decision, saying in the Instagram caption that she had got a little carried away and wanted the wig back.

    However, it looks like Cardi will have to cut her losses with the wig — if this video is anything to go by, it didn’t survive the night after being thrown into the London crowd.

    @iamcardib sis doesn’t know that this is what her wig has become 😬

    And even if that’s not Cardi’s actual wig, people claiming to have it are hitting up eBay, where bids have reached over £65,000!

    Sorry Cardi, looks like you’ll have to buy a new one!