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    Camila Cabello Just Trolled The Paparazzi AGAIN, And It's Even Better Than Last Time

    Put your bag in the tray. Remove anything metal. Strike a pose for the cameras.

    If you're a celebrity, like Camila Cabello for example, it's pretty difficult to go anywhere without being followed by a trail of paparazzi.

    Even when you're doing something pretty regular and boring, like going to the airport.

    But also if you're a celebrity like Camila Cabello, you can choose to make the best of an annoying situation and just turn the whole moment into a photoshoot.

    And why do it alone when you can get your mum involved too?

    I mean, this is certainly one way to check in for your flight.

    And troll the paparazzi all at the same time.

    Of course, people absolutely loved everything about it.

    😂😂😂😂 They out here killing the airport photoshoot game. Best mom/daughter duo like ever! @Camila_Cabello

    And were excited at the prospect of more airport photoshoots in the future.

    This is one of the reason im excited for the tour. New photo shoot with @Camila_Cabello in each airport she'll be. 😍❤😂

    So if you happen to see me striking a pose at the airport for cameras that aren't even there, don't panic, I'm just living my Camila Cabello fantasy.