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This Is What £250,000 Could Buy You In Popular UK Cities

Thirteen bedrooms for £250,000? Fuck London, I'm off to Leeds.

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4. Brighton – one-bedroom flat (£230,000)

• The flat is in a converted Victorian villa, which sounds pretty cool.

• Although the flat is one bedroom, if you go up that ladder thing there's another cute little bed, which is super cool.


11. Newcastle upon Tyne – four-bedroom semi-detached house (£240,000)

• There are two en-suite bathrooms as well as a family bathroom.

• The master bedroom is on the second floor so you can get away from everybody else.

• Unsure if the telescope is included but it'd be pretty cool if it was.


14. Nottingham – four-bedroom semi-detached house (£250,000)

• Judging from the photo, the house is located in a jungle.

• Low-key the house is giving out castle vibes.

• It's surrounded by a load of parks, so buy a dog.

15. Glasgow – four-bedroom detached house (£238,500)

• Four goddamn bedrooms? That means your dogs could have their own rooms.

• It's described as a "villa", which sounds fancy and exotic AF.

• There's also a formal dining room so you can be extra and start hosting weekly dinner parties.

16. Leeds – 13-bedroom detached house (£250,000)

• The property is currently a 13-bedroom church but with planning permissions could be turned into a massive house/flats/dorms etc.

• It's an "investment opportunity".

• Anything with 13 bedrooms has my vote.