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    Rihanna Keeps Stealing Wine Glasses Because She Doesn’t Give A Fuck

    "Bad Gal RiRi" is pretty bad after all.

    Rihanna, one of the greatest queens to grace this Earth, is known for not really giving a fuck.


    But she's levelling up because basically it looks like she's stealing wine glasses when she goes out to eat.

    AKM-GSI / Splash News

    I mean, when you look that damn good, I guess you can take however many wine glasses you want.

    AKM-GSI / Splash News

    She's got that "I dare you to try and stop me taking this glass home" vibe going on tbh.

    Maybe she just hates going to Ikea so much that she's found a shortcut to kitting out her kitchen.

    Twitter: @joshuedwrds

    Here she is after the theft, pinkie up because she don't give a fuck.

    And it's not just wine glasses she's taking. None of the glasses are safe.

    Ncp / GC Images

    Here she is, clearly deciding she needed a nightcap to match her pyjamas.

    This isn't even a new ~~hobby~~ or anything, because here she is in 2013 taking a little memento home with her.

    Michael Stewart / WireImage

    But what we REALLY want to know is: WTF does she do with them when she's done?


    H/T to @joshuedwrds for his eagle eyes and pointing this out to us!

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