Beyoncé Just Released "Black Is King" On Disney+ And Twitter Is Literally Having A Meltdown

    "Beyoncé has cemented herself as the greatest visual artist of all time. Period."

    After what feels like a decade of waiting, Beyoncé has finally come to save us. Yep, Black Is King has arrived, and to put it simply.........OMFG!

    The Disney+ movie — which "reimagines the lessons of The Lion King for today's young kings and queens in search of their own crowns" — is exactly what you'd expect from Beyoncé.

    Beyoncé wears an animal print dress and hat next to her husband, Jay-Z, who wears a tan-colored suit jacket and turtleneck

    And yet — despite the fact that the bar for each new project appears to be almost unattainable, surely out of reach because what else is there left for her to do — Beyoncé continues to deliver breathtaking and spellbinding art.

    Beyoncé sits at a backyard table, which is filled with teapots and cookies for a tea party, and raises a teacup

    Just like any time Beyoncé so much as sneezes on a beat, people online are pretty much in a meltdown right now.



    The way I gasped at this shot #BlackIsKing

    Many are praising Queen Bey for consistently raising the bar and somehow outdoing herself.

    Let’s just all take moment to think about how Beyoncé has been doing this for 23 years & she’s the only one with the ability to top herself every time.. the vocals, visuals, creativity, direction and so on! #BlackIsKing

    After the Self-Titled visual album, the Lemonade film, Beychella/Homecoming and The Black is King film, Beyoncé has cemented herself as the greatest visual artist of all-time. Period.

    Beyoncé constantly raises the bar. Consistently. I’m here to tell you that it is illogical to dislike her.

    The movie has hit an emotional note for some people, particularly because of the diversity in the cast, as well as Beyoncé's dedication to her son, Sir Carter, during the end credits.

    CRYING REAL TEARS because my Queen @Beyonce included Indian girls in her Brown Skin Girl video too!!! I feel so loved and seen 😭 #BlackIsKing thank you for sharing this beautiful masterpiece with us 💛

    Black Is King is dedicated to Beyoncé’s son Sir. I’M CRYING 🥺 #BlackIsKing

    Others, meanwhile, are having to learn how to multitask...

    How Beyoncé expect me to stream this masterpiece, learn choreography and be at work on time?! #BlackIsKing

    Me still up in bed looking at all the #BlackIsKing tweets while the movie plays again on my TV.

    As for Lizzo? Well, she's just casually hosting her own Black Is King viewing party, with catered food and a black carpet for good measure.

    You can watch Black Is King on Disney+ now.