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    21 Things Only Average People Will Understand

    I could try to be better but that sounds like a lot of effort.

    1. It's not that you're actually bad at anything.


    2. It's just you're not particularly ~~amazing~~ at anything either.


    3. You're better than a lot of people at things.

    4. But you're never quite top of the class.


    5. "Middle of the pack" is the perfect way to describe you.

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    6. And tbh you don't even mind being middle of the pack because who wants that attention and pressure of being the best at everything anyway?


    7. The reason you're middle of the pack is that you don't actually try/are kind of lazy.


    8. Or because you have a short attention span.

    You'll be doing one thing but thinking about something else.

    9. Which is why you got average grades at school, because revision was just too much trying.

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    You know you could've done better but revision is so ugh, and it's not like you did bad.

    10. But when you do try, you surprise people.

    But trying is just so much effort that you don't do it too often.

    11. You tend to balance a lot of tasks, which means you don't give yourself the time to focus on one thing.


    It's like a "being average at a lot of things vs being good at one thing" dilemma.

    12. But you'll always find a shortcut to finish a task quicker, even if it means it hasn't been done to the best of your ability.

    13. You might actually have a lot of skills and talents – it's just you don't really use any of them.


    14. Or you might just think you don't have any because you're pretty meh about everything.

    15. You're undecided on what you want to do for a career because you don't really have one skill you want to follow up on.

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    16. And if you're already in a career, you're always wondering if you're actually doing the right job or if you should be doing something else.


    17. You spend a lot of time looking at other people's lives and wondering why they're better than yours.

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    The secret is that everybody is looking at someone else's life thinking it's better than theirs when it's probably not.

    18. And also thinking of all the things you could do if you only put some effort in.

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    But effort requires effort and that's too much effort.

    19. If there's one thing you're not average at, it's coasting through life.

    You're a professional at doing that.

    20. Which means you're a pretty chilled-out and laid-back person.

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    21. Because at the end of the day, you've accepted that you're not the best at everything, and you're cool with that.

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