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    Pete Davidson Left A Dirty Comment On Ariana Grande's Instagram

    The light isn't the only thing ~coming~.

    "Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are dating," said Captain Obvious. "Nobody knew that, right?"

    You've probably seen them both uploading pictures of each other on Instagram.

    And if you've seen that then you've probably also seen them leaving comments to each other.

    Some of those comments have been pure, and some of them have been like... this.

    Anyway, Ariana recently uploaded a teaser for her new song "The Light is Coming". Please remember the name of that song, it's important.

    Ariana's number one fan aka Pete was in the comments immediately because why wouldn't he be, he's a supportive boyfriend. And what poetic words of support did he have this time?

    Pete. Is. Coming.

    Ariana really should've replied with this GIF tbh.

    Anyway, once fans saw the comment they were like "EXCUSE ME WHAT!?"

    They were just as shook as I feel.

    So anyway, that's that. Who needs to pay for Netflix when you can just watch this story unfold on the 'gram for free? My bet is a "Side to Side" pun next, but we'll all have to wait and see.