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    Did Ariana Grande Just Confirm She's Engaged? Uhh, It Kinda Looks Like It!

    "Honest to god our girl is engaged."

    Listen, we don't have time for introductions. By the time I write one, Ariana and Pete might well be married, so we don't have a second to spare.

    If you've been on the internet in the last 12 or so hours, you'll probably have seen the ~rumours~ that Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are engaged after a couple of weeks of dating.

    Sources revealed to both People and TMZ that the rumours are true and that the couple have been "talking about it this past weekend".

    If I was Captain Obvious, I would tell you that fans are shook.

    ariana grande got engaged to pete davidson after dating for a few weeks and I can’t even get a text back

    whoever is controlling the ariana grande and pete davidson sims just queued up get to know, chat, get to know, flirt, hug, ask if single, give rose, first kiss, get to know, tell joke, make out, get to know, ask to move in, kiss, woo hoo, propose, and put the game on fast forward

    But I'm not here to tell you about the hot takes on Twitter. I'm here to tell you about all the tweets that Ariana Grande has favourited since the engagement rumours started. Yeah, you might want to buckle up, it's a wild ride.

    So first of all I'd like to start with this for obvious reasons. One of the tweets that Ariana favourited literally says that she is engaged. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't endorse lies about myself so maybe this is confirmation.

    honest to god our girl is engaged

    Next up, I'd like to draw attention to this tweet calling Ariana "Mrs Davidson". Ari obviously liked the sound of her future name because she favourited this tweet too.

    @ArianaGrande i always will love u more and that’s the indisputable tea for today mrs.davidson

    Oh, and let's not ignore the fact she favourited this tweet from a fan that pointed to Ariana's grandmother at the wedding.

    @ArianaGrande make sure nonna has a stunning outfit babe

    A tweet about the most recent royal wedding? Yep, Ariana favourited that too.

    ariana's wedding would outsell the royal wedding ladies

    And she also favourited this tweet which basically said if Pete wants to marry Ariana, he has to marry all the other Arianators too. Sounds like a pretty big wedding day to me.

    @ArianaGrande @intoyouariana I hope he knows he is maRRYING US AS WELL

    As well as all of those tweets, Ariana also favourited a bunch from fans congratulating her on the news and wishing her happiness.

    I’m literally so happy like.... I never thought I would see this day come omfg. congratulations @ArianaGrande we love you smmmm <3

    @ArianaGrande congrats, you deserve nothing but happiness.

    One fan offered their services for the wedding and hey, a like from Ariana must mean good news, right?

    anyway I expect to be a groomsman and would like the non vegan option for the reception. mazel tov hun! @ArianaGrande

    Poor Jarrett was a little confused, but Ariana found the funny side and gave the tweet a sneaky favourite.

    @ArianaGrande we got married in 2013 according to my instagram so you have some explaining to do

    And finally, she also favourited this tweet from a fan who was a bit overwhelmed by the rumours.


    Whew, I told you it was a ride. I guess there's just one more thing left to say if the rumours actually are true... CONGRATS!