Ariana Grande Has Apologised After Facing Backlash For Making A Joke About JonBenét Ramsey

    “Dark jokes are a coping mechanism for me and yet I hate when other people make them.”

    Ariana Grande has apologised after she was criticised for making a joke about her friend dressing up as JonBenét Ramsey for Halloween.

    It all started when Grande’s close friend Doug Middlebrook posted a now-deleted Instagram picture of a magazine front cover, claiming that an arrest had been made in the JonBenét Ramsey murder case.

    Middlebrook captioned the Instagram picture: “No one has done more covers.” Grande then responded: “I can’t WAIT for this to be your Halloween look.”

    The comments soon began to circulate on social media, quickly igniting a backlash.

    But that’s the thing, Ariana Grande always says something wrong and then she apologizes and everyone forget about it. That‘s fucking unfair, why is she so privileged? Everyone knows that the Jon Benet’s case is NOT funny, she’s 26. She’s pushing 30. Like hello? {C}

    Ariana is a 26 year old woman who we would think would be mature but instead had the audacity to go under Doug’s post about JonBenet Ramsey and proceeds to type “i cant WAIT for this to be your halloween costume. 🖤” and she put a motherfucking heart to it too...

    Wtf! JonBenet was 6 when was murdered but anyways....I love Ariana but I can’t believe she said that. The poor child was brutally murdered in her own home and the fact that she can’t wait for her friend to make a Halloween costume like that is disgusting.

    Grande’s fans also voiced their opinion on the comment, expressing their disappointment and calling it “disgusting”.

    @multimikaelsons yea i agree i love her but this was out of line and i’m disgusted

    I love Ariana but that comment about Jon Benet was very tasteless. Ugh.....

    Grande went on Twitter after deleting the comment, calling the joke “out of pocket” in response to a fan.

    In a now-deleted tweet, Grande appeared to add further explanation, revealing that dark jokes are a “coping mechanism” before thanking fans for calling her out on the comment.

    BuzzFeed has reached out to Grande’s reps for comment.