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    Posted on Aug 23, 2017

    Here’s The Story Behind The British Reality TV Star Who’s Now A Huge Meme

    "Get that fire exit door, I'm off" – Gemma Collins, An Icon.

    If you've been on Twitter recently, you might've noticed videos of iconic British celebrity Gemma Collins floating around the TL. Honestly, it's probably the best thing that's happened in 2017 so far.

    Where they fuck have all these Gemma Collins vids came from cause they are fucking outstanding

    But for those of you who don't know her, it's time you got introduced to a national treasure.

    1. Gemma Clare Collins got her start on British reality show TOWIE. She was instantly iconic.

    ''you ain't ever gonna get this candy'' if you haven't seen this you haven't lived😩😂

    2. Whether she was having an argument...

    Gemma Collins, Most iconic TV moment of all time!

    3. ...or combatting her deepest fears, she was undoubtedly the star of the show.

    4. And when the guy she was dating asked to draw her like Jack did for Rose in Titanic, Gemma didn't hold back on giving her constructive criticism.

    5. Fast-forward to 2016, and Gemma made an appearance on another reality TV show: Celebrity Big Brother.

    Gemma Collins entering the #CBB house #NationalTreasure

    6. And it's safe to say that every moment was honestly TV gold.

    7. Like when she thought she saw a ghost.

    remember when gemma collins seen a ghost 😂😂😂😂

    8. And wouldn't spend the day locked in a cell.

    9. It wasn't all dramatics though. Oh, wait...

    when she tried to help peel some potatoes but instead cut through to the bone😂

    10. But she's had iconic moments outside of the Big Brother house, like when she said the dictionary was her favourite book.

    gemma collins is literally the Original Oxford Dictionary stan™ and nobody can tell me different

    11. Or when she made an appearance on Sugar Free Farm.

    let's also not forget her ICONIC appearance on sugar free farm

    12. And just a fun fact, she's best mates with Jonathan Cheban aka Kim Kardashian's BFF, which isn't strange at all.

    Fun with @JonathanCheban @ChinaTangLondon fab evening 💖

    13. Anyway, the point I'm actually trying to make is that Gemma Collins is possibly the most meme-able person on planet Earth right now.

    14. There's a video or GIF for every occasion.

    Everyone in my life : "you're so dramatic" Me: " no I'm bloody not" Also me:

    15. And you can 100% relate to any tweet that involves a Gemma Collins reference.

    When you thought you only had £3 in your bank but you actually have £20

    16. Whether it's about pop culture.

    When someone puts Ed Sheeran on in the nuclear bunker

    17. Or your love life.

    dua lipa: don't pick up the phone. you know he's only calling cause he's drunk and alone me:

    18. Gemma's got everything covered.

    I have never been so done in my life 😂😂😂😂😭😭😭

    19. So if you're American, Canadian, Australian, or any other nationality, say hi to Gemma Collins because she's a British national treasure.

    you: stop retweeting Gemma Collins videos or I'll unfollow you me:

    20. Even if she can't say the word "memes"...

    21. And my last recommendation is that you watch her best bits from Celebrity Big Brother. You're welcome.

    Doctor: You have 9 minutes and 33 seconds to live. Me:

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