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10 Things Keeping Us Busy Today That You Should Try Too

In today's edition of Quarantine Today, more and more of us are finding ourselves at home these days — whether it's mandatory WFH or self-quarantine, we've got you covered!

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How are we going to keep ourselves from catching cabin fever? We're here with some preventative measures. Namely: fab recipe ideas, long reads, and other ways to keep yourself occupied while stuck at home. Looking for tips? Feel free to subscribe now by putting your email in the box below!

🎺 But First, a PSA! 🎺

13 Small But Effective Ways To Help Prevent Spreading Germs During The Coronavirus

Nickelodeon / Via

We get it: It's soooo easy to touch your face. Here are some useful tips and tricks to keep clean and prevent the spread of germs!

✂️Learn a New Skill, Cook Up a Storm! 🍳

4-Ingredient Homemade Dutch Oven Bread

Sarah Mimms

Here's an easy one: make a loaf of no-knead bread. It's actually easy, promise! It's mostly down time (waiting ~18 hours for it to rise), so you can do it while working. You'll feel like a frickin' hero with your beautiful boule. If our very own Sarah Mimms can make one, you can too!

19 No-Fuss Meals You Can Make Using What's In Your Fridge

Gimme Some Oven / Via

Low on fresh groceries? Don't sweat it. Squeak out these delish meals using whatever you've got lying around in your pantry.

Take Your Appetite To Europe And We'll Give You A New Show To Binge-Watch

LinneaC0226 / Via*;

I guess we shouldn't go to Europe now — so instead, take this quiz and find a new show to binge instead.

44 Books To Read Over Spring Break If Your Travel Plans Are Canceled

Skylight Books

First of all: sorry about your trip. :( But on the bright side, you can still get your beach reading done from home! Our very own Arianna Rebolini asked our favorite indie booksellers to suss out books they're loving these days.

Try This: 12 Exercises That'll Get You In Shape (And That You Can Do At Home)

Photos by Lauren Zaser for BuzzFeed / Design by Chris Ritter for BuzzFeed

You're already wearing athleisure as your WFH uniform, so you may as well get a workout in.

🎶Quarantunes 🎶

App To Check Out: Noisli

Noisli / Via

Amber Jamieson loves this cute background noise app that makes WFH so much easier.

Berliner Philharmoniker Virtual Concert

Berliner Philharmoniker / Via

The Berliner Philharmoniker opened their virtual digital concert hall to everyone at no charge.

The cutest commute around. 'Nuff said.

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Got ideas to help your fellow readers pass the time? Comment below! The best ideas will be featured in the Quarantine Today newsletter!