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17 National Dishes That Are Truly Weird To Americans

Are you telling me you don't want to try snake wine??

From sautéed reindeer to tuna eyeballs, these luxe dishes are truly fascinating to the rest of the world.

*Warning: Some viewers may find these images disturbing.*

1. China: Snake Wine

2. Iceland: Sheep's Head

3. Italy: Maggot Cheese

4. Malaysia: Silkworm

5. Finland: Sautéed Reindeer

6. Philippines: Fertilized Duck Egg

7. Hong Kong: Stinky Tofu

8. Sweden: Salted Herring

9. India: Ant Chutney

10. Japan: Tuna Eyeball

11. Canada: Peameal Bacon

12. Zimbabwe / Zambia / Botswana: Caterpillars

13. Russia: Pine Cone Jam

14. Thailand: Durian

15. France: Frogs Legs

16. Indonesia: Poop Coffee

17. Germany: Pork Knuckle

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