From "Fighting In The Dark" To Putting Flares Up Bums – Here Are 17 Silly, Stupid, And Dangerous Things People Did As Kids

    "I was about halfway through the tunnel when I heard the sound of the train horn blasting".

    Being silly and making mistakes is all a part of growing up, and if we can't laugh about it now, what can we do?

    To follow up on my last post of this nature, here are 17 incredibly silly things you said you guys did when you were younger:

    1. "My boyfriend and his friends thought it would be cool to host their own Jackass using my roof, our trampoline, and our pool."

    2. "When I was about 12, my mom left me and my little brother in the car while she ran into the store."

    3. "At 13, the neighbourhood kids and I decided to get our parents' lawn mowers and some football helmets and hold a crash derby in the field behind my house."

    4. "In trying to be the 'cool older sister', I decided it was a good idea to stack our lawn chairs into a three-story clubhouse."

    5. "When I was about six I remember my mum being in bed with a migraine; I was thirsty, but I was too short to reach any water taps."

    6. "My sister got a hold of a tube of super glue our dad was using to fix a broken toy."

    7. "I got my head stuck in the rails of a rocking chair once when I was four."

    8. "I parachuted with a grocery bag out of a second-story window."

    9. "There was a park we went to as kids/teens that was next to a train tunnel."

    10. "My friend and I tried to make nerve gas out of butter, salt, pepper, and his mother's BC pills in a cast iron skillet."

    11. "I climbed onto the roof with my mom's umbrella and jumped off thinking I would fly like Mary Poppins."

    12. "I had this beading kit that came with some really tiny seed beads. My brother was fascinated with them."

    13. "I was in my early teens at a party and for some reason, one of my friends had brought a red flare along."

    14. "I cartwheeled off the couch and landed directly onto a glass left out the previous night by one of my parents."

    15. "My little sister bought a strobe light in middle school and we were playing around with it when our cousins were over."

    16. "I must have been three or four years old and I was staying at my grandma's for the afternoon."

    17. "My friends and I came up with a brilliant game we called 'fight in the dark'."

    Editor's note: some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    What's the silliest thing you've done as a kid? Let us know in the comments below!