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    From Slow Walkers To Throwing Litter Out Of A Car Window – 24 Trivial Things That Makes People Seriously Rage

    "People listening to their phones in public places without headphones."

    Recently, u/ViciousSemicircle asked R/AskReddit: "What’s a seemingly small, trivial thing that makes you instantly burn with the rage of a white-hot sun?" So we thought we'd share some of the best responses.

    Here are 24 everyday things that make people see red:

    1. "When someone is standing too close to me in line so I inch away and they fucking follow me."


    "I usually do an over-exaggerated hair flip so it hits them in the face or 'rearrange' my purse/bags so it hits them and say 'oh sorry, I didn't realise you were so close'."


    2. "A big group of people walking really slowly in the middle of the sidewalk that look confused when you go into the road to walk around them."


    3. "Stopping at end of an escalator! Dangerous."


    4. "When my clothes get stuck on a handle/protruding object as I'm walking and I get yanked backwards without warning. Perhaps the most provoking thing I've ever experienced."


    5. "When your headphones lead gets caught and your headphones come out. Instant rage."


    6. "When opening anything always requires scissors or a knife. Those innocent 'peel here' tabs on food bags never f*cking work and always require a pair of scissors to get them open. Ditto for packs of batteries and other items which are encased in NASA-grade plastic. But how are eggs, which actually are fragile, packaged? Thin, thin cardboard."


    7. "Blindingly bright headlights at night."


    8. "Someone asking/ordering me to do something while I'm either in the process of doing it or about to do it. I'm not someone who gets annoyed/angry easily but for some reason that has always gotten under my skin."


    9. "Let's have a meeting to talk about the project, eating into the only hour of the day I have devoted to work on the project, is a related pet peeve."

    "So where are we on this? Well, I have an hour today that I'm not in meetings to work on it and you booked a meeting during that hour so it isn't going to be done today."


    10. "Me: bends down to pick up the dog’s poop. Random dude in a car driving by: 'PICK UP AFTER YOUR DOG!' — like WTF did you think I was doing?! This was years ago and I’m still angry about it."


    11. "People who cut you off then drive slower than you. Or people that just hang out in the left lane with a line of cars behind them that want to pass but can't."

    "It's the principle of it. The lack of concern for other people. The obliviousness and selfishness it must take."


    12. "People listening to their phones in public places without headphones."


    13. "People coughing or sneezing without covering their mouth. Disgusting."


    14. "People not using their turn signals."


    15. "Having to click accept/deny for cookies every time I visit a website. Can't you just store a cookie that remembers my preference? That' what they were made for. Not for the ad tracking."


    16. "When people throw litter out their car window."


    17. "Standing in line at a gas station behind someone who's buying lottery tickets."


    18. "Empty toilet paper roll left on the floor of the toilet."


    19. "Clicking on a recipe and having to scroll through someone’s life story or explanation of why they made this dish... I don’t give a flying fuck, just give me the recipe please."


    20. "When individuals stand up on a plane the second the plane lands."


    21. "Trying to pick something up that I dropped, and then dropping it a few more times as I attempt to not explode into a boiling rage."


    22. "People being rude to retail staff/waiters."


    23. "When you're reading a book at home and everyone thinks that means you aren't doing anything and constantly interrupt you to chat."


    24. "Dirty dishes anywhere but the kitchen."


    H/T to u/ViciousSemicircle and R/AskReddit for having this discussion.

    What everyday thing gets you raging? Let us know in the comments below!


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