#OccupySandy: 25 Inspiring Photos Of A Community Relief Effort

Parts of New York may still be without electricity, but they’re flooded with people-power.

Started by members of Occupy Wall Street and organized along the same democratic principles, Occupy Sandy has taken the lead in helping the most hard-hit New Yorkers get back on their feet. Beyond collecting over $650,000 in donated goods, Occupy Sandy volunteers have helped clear debris from damaged houses, brought medical attention to elderly people trapped in high-rise apartment buildings, cooked thousands of hot meals, and sent a strong message to residents in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and Coney Island: You Are Not Alone.


The happiest sandwich maker in New York.


Occupy Sandy cleans up the Coney Island boardwalk.


A volunteer goes in the basement of a house on 101st Street in Far Rockaway, Queens.


3 hard-working volunteers in Coney Island take a well-deserved break.


Members of the National Guard take part in an Occupy Sandy orientation at the Church of St. Luke & St. Matthew in Brooklyn.


Human chain outside The Church of St. Luke and St. Matthew in Brooklyn.


Volunteers cleaning the gym at St. Gertrude’s Church in Far Rockaway, Queens to turn it into a supply distribution center.


Power tools are deployed in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.


Nobody’s too young to help make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!


Donated clothes being distributed in Far Rockaway, Queens.


11 volunteers take a break after clearing a basement and a garage in Far Rockaway.


A unicorn fan poses with supplies destined for Occupy Sandy.


Comedy Central donated 11,000 slices of Election Night pie.


Volunteers from UPS at The Church of St. Luke and St. Matthew in Brooklyn.


Volunteers unload donated Amazon goods outside The Church of St. Luke and St. Matthew in Brooklyn.


Honorary resources coordinator at St. Gertrude’s Church in Far Rockaway.


Occupy Sandy organizers making plans at the You Are Not Alone community center in Far Rockaway, Queens.


The first house cleared by Occupy Sandy, in Far Rockaway.


An #OccupySandy free store for storm victims in Staten Island,


Piles of donated clothing at a staging area in Far Rockaway.


A banner with a popular Occupy rallying cry hangs on the front of the first Occupy Sandy hub, St. Jacobi Church in Brooklyn.


The Church of St. Luke and St. Matthew in Brooklyn is overrun with donations from around the country.


Environmental activists from Time’s Up man a bicycle-powered charging station on 96th Street in Far Rockaway.

Video available at: http://vimeo.com/53155081.

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