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    This Guy Got An $80 Tattoo, A $400 Tattoo, And An $875 Tattoo To See If It Was Worth It

    “I’m not gonna be able to hide this from my grandma."

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    Since Steven, the host of Worth It, didn't want to get a tattoo he asked Ben to get tattooed instead. Ben agreed to get three new tattoos at different price points, just to see which one was the most "worth it." He's either the bravest or the stupidest guy we know, depending on how you look at it.

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    The first tattoo shop was Tattoo Lounge, which has been in Venice, Los Angeles, for 23 years. Ben decided he really wanted to compliment the moon tattoo he already has by sticking with a space theme. He also loves the book Peter Pan, so he chose to get the two stars that represent where Neverland is located.


    His tattoo artist was Patrick Thomas aka "The Gentlest Hands On The Boulevard." He designed two stars with some character and flair to "dress up" Ben's idea. This tattoo cost $80.


    To see more of Patrick's really cool designs, check out his Instagram, @skullytattoos.

    The whole experience was so enjoyable, it inspired Jared (the cameraman) to get a tattoo of his daughter's name too!



    Next up was Body Electric Tattoo in Hollywood, which has been open since 1992. For this tat, Ben wanted to draw on another classic: Willy Wonka. He decided on getting the elevator that they crash through the ceiling in, but have it soaring through outer space.


    His tattoo was done by Mike G, who says that the key element to getting a great tattoo is trust between the client and the artist. Mike drew the elevator and also added some galaxy elements around it to enhance the piece.


    To check out more of Mike's awesome work, check out his Instagram, @mikegtattoo.

    Ben loved the finished product, and even his girlfriend agreed that he was officially "a badass." In total, this tattoo cost $400.

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    Last up was Speakeasy Tattoo, a private studio and the most high-end place one can get inked. Before he agrees to designing and making a tattoo, artist Scott Glazier has a consultation with clients about what their piece means — if he's stoked about the project, he'll do it. If not, he won't.


    In their private consultation, Scott and Ben discussed adding a very detailed, structured clock as another reference to Peter Pan. But Scott wasn't sold until he had Ben dig deep and think of something super impactful in his life. Ben talked about his aunt, who passed away suddenly last year. She had always encouraged him to pursue a creative career and he wanted to use her eyes as the centerpiece in the clock.


    Scott drew up this incredible design and Ben returned to get the piece done.


    To check out more of Scott's designs, look at his Instagram, @speakeasy_tattoo_la

    Six hours and $875 later...the masterpiece was finished:


    At the end of the day though, which tattoo (at its given price point) was worth it? Ben's winner was Speakeasy. To him, the piece was so personal, impactful, and beautiful that he felt he couldn't put a price tag on it.

    Steven, however, chose Tattoo Lounge because even though he'd "NEVER get a tattoo" he was so impressed by Patrick's gentle hands and handiwork.

    1. In conclusion, who thinks Steven has to get a tattoo now?

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    In conclusion, who thinks Steven has to get a tattoo now?
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