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Greensboro Is Pawnee

Sip your Snake Juice and Treat Yo' Self to this perfectly organized, color-coated binder of proof that Greensboro is the Pawnee of North Carolina.

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There are many similarities between Greensboro, NC and the fictional city of Pawnee, Indiana from NBC's Parks and Recreation. Here are a few of the reasons why #GSOisPawnee

We have our own Leslie Knope!

Geeksboro Cinema

Mayor Nancy Vaughan started off as an active member of the Greensboro community, was elected to City Council, and then became the Mayor of Greensboro in 2013. She has been a huge part of the revitalization of Downtown, was a celebrity bartender to attract businesses to our city, championed a non-discrimination ordinance, and is truly our very own Leslie Knope. Mayor Vaughan is always willing to roll up her sleeves and get to work. Mayor Vaughan even facilitated the ribbon-cutting at the Parks and Rec Finale party at Geeksboro Cinema...

Mother Murphy's Is Our Sweetum's! / Via

S Eugene Street in Greensboro often smells like candy, baked goods, and other strong odors that you just can't put your finger on but it's kind of sickeningly-sweet and simultaneously pleasant-but-not-so-pleasant. This is due to Mother Murphy's, a lab that makes basically all of the artificial flavors you consume in candy. Those Harry Potter Jelly Bean's? The flavors were made right here in Greensboro! If you can't beat' um, Sweetum's, and experience the flavors with Mother Murphy's!

The GSO Bear is our Lil' Sebastian!

My Fox 8

In 2011, a black bear began roaming Downtown Greensboro. Local news stations had continuing coverage of Greensboro Bear sightings. Soon after a twitter and Facebook page were made for the GSO Bear, and the entire city embraced this magnificent beast. Sadly, a few weeks later the poor adorable GSO Bear was shot and killed at our local airport when it blocked a plane on the runway . Two years later, additional black bears began roaming the city and even shut down a portion of A&T campus for a day. Like Lil' Sebastian, the Greensboro Bear will forever live in our hearts and memories. We miss you in the saddest fashion.

Smith Street is our JJ's Diner!


The biscuits at Smith Street Diner are our waffles (they're the size of your head!), and Smith Street is our JJ's Diner. You can always run into the movers and shakers of Greensboro at the diner, and if you go on a Saturday or Sunday morning you'll often have to wait in line for a table with those movers and shakers for about an hour. Even Greensboro's elite must wait for their biscuits.

There are many more reasons why Greenboro is Pawnee. Include your own by tweeting with the hashtag #GSOisPawnee. If you're in Greensboro (because you're awesome and amazing and congratulations because you're in a wonderful and awesome and amazing city), check out the Parks and Recreation Finale party at Geeksboro Cinemas! There will be waffles, whipped cream, all the eggs and bacon you have, and Mayor Nancy Vaughan cutting the ribbon around the cinema screen before the most important hour of television history.

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