19 Things Only Millennial Homosexual Half-Russian Blind Transvestite Moms Will Understand

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1. When you run out of toilet paper in the bathroom.

Am I right?

2. When you are interrupted from your leisure time by a pressing and/or urgent task.

So relatable (as long as you fit the description in the title)!

3. When there’s too little cheese in your grilled cheese…

4. Or too much…

Haha, so true! Like and share this!

5. When you have a great idea just as you’re falling asleep and then forget it in the morning.

This problem is not applicable to any other group of people (just us MHHRBTM’s)!

6. When your dog eats your homework.

Haha, right???!?

7. Struggling with a life of alcoholism.

Us MHHRBTM’s get it!!

8. Having weird fetishes.

Tell me this picture of fruit doesn’t turn you on! Dat watermelon tho! :P

9. When you’re talking to someone and they reveal they are the niece of Ba’al, the God of the Underworld, and you have to defeat them in an epic knife duel

Ugh, this one!

10. When you just can’t wait to be King.

This one cuts deep! Remember, if you liked this article, post it on your MHHRBTM friends’ walls! Us MHHRBTM’s need to stick together!!!!!

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