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    19 Primary School Tweets That Had Me Crying With Laughter

    "Sharpening pencils was the primary school fag break."


    Some of you chewed your sleeves in primary school and it shows


    no one in primary school: Frube: explodes in bag


    I’ll never forget the day this girl in primary school put her head against mine and said ‘transfer complete’ THIS BITCH HAD NITS


    Sharpening pencils was the primary school fag break



    When you’re in the Christmas play in primary school and you see ur mam and dad in the audience


    Nobody: Primary school teachers: and then he swang back on his chair and died


    tfw u were that kid that got asked out as a joke in primary school so now u genuinely dont believe when someone is attracted to u


    {Back in primary school} Me and my classmates walking to class peacefully "The last person to get to the class is a fool" Us:


    Me in primary school trying to convince my pal to meet me at the bin to sharpen our pencils


    Me during assembly in primary school Vs me during break time.


    Did every primary school have that story floating around that some kid sprayed his nipple with lynx and flicked it off or what


    This how mandem used to fight over the cleanest whiteboards in primary school


    if you were top reading group in primary school you’re probably depressed now


    In primary school I had a huge crush on this girl, so I would always submit my notebook on top of hers. Even if we can't cuddle physically, we can educationally 🙃🙃


    Did anyone ever tell lies in primary school to look class? I told the teacher I visited Thailand and another lad told the class he HEARD the boom of 9/11. In Donegal.


    Remember in primary school when your mum used to tell you "when boys are mean to you it means they fancy you" no mum I was being bullied


    When you can't decide what primary school too attend


    Today Marks exactly 22 years my girlfriend broke up with me way back in primary school, just because I sharpened a pencil for another girl

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